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GoodBoyEthan's News

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - April 13th, 2013

Hey all you lovely people. This is just an update that is long over due...like really long.

I'll make this quick.

So right now I'm working on a parody based on the anime DeathNote that should be wrapping up pretty soon
once I get all of my school work out of the way. I'll attach a screen shot as proof that I'm working ha ha

I recently helped voice a cartoon created by No Brainer that you can totally check out right here.

I also have a TON of ideas to animate including a League of Legends and Pokemon mash up that will hopefully be a small series, and a few other original ideas. I'm also thinking about doing a short series called, "Christian Confessions," that will focus on many questions people have about God, and Christianity in general. I think my first topic might be on Grace and Redemption, or perhaps hypocrisy in Christianity. Either way, I'm hoping to debunk some of these misunderstandings and bring it back to what really matters about "religion", which is a relationship with Christ.
I do realize that this probably won't be a very popular idea among the community, but it's something I want to do so I don't really care. I just hope people are willing to be as open minded with my beliefs as I am with theirs.

I'm almost done with my semester here in Germany, and to be totally honest, I'm ready to get back to the states. There are a few things that I miss, but nothing that is totally killing me to go back. It'll just be nice to see all of my friends and family in the states. It really has been a pleasant semester, but school has been super brutal and I'm just about ready to get back soon. I miss my dog and my brother a lot. ha ha I'm also excited for next semester because I plan on taking a game development, game design, and web design class, so I hope all of that works out!!!

Any ways, I hope to hear from people soon, and keep your eyes open for upcoming animations, and other voiced projects.

Thanks and God Bless!!!

I'm aliveeeeee!!!!

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - January 4th, 2013

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years filled with lots of family, friends, fun and food!

I also finally finished and uploaded my first totally solo flash animation, a series, called, "Happy Endings"

I'm really proud of my progress considering I've only been using flash since maybe this July.

These buttons in Flash are the devil's seed I tell you what (Hank Hill voice)

Thanks to everyone who's helped me out with learning this program, especially FrozenFire, Veselekov, and redminus.

Please check out my video here ---> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/608849

Also, please vote, comment and leave me feedback for upcoming episodes! It would be appreciated!

Next, in a few days I will be flying to Germany to study abroad for a whole semester!

I'm getting really excited about it all and I really hope that I'll have a blast (I'm sure I will) hopefully

continuing to animate at a steady pace to produce monthly content. Wish me luck guys!!!

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Thanks for all your support!!! God Bless!


New cartoon I made!!!! Happy Endings!

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - December 11th, 2012

What's up everyone!?

First of all I'm super stoked that I'm finally pushing forward in making my first
episode of a cartoon that I started working on in Flash during the middle of school.
Of course, because of school I've had to put it off. So once I'm done with my last final (tomorrow)
I will be on it FULL FORCE!

I also may be doing a small casting call for characters for a second episode,
but I'm not sure what kind of voices I'll need.

Also, In case some of you haven't seen it, I voiced two characters and did all the music for this cartoon, "Minetales"
So check that out!

On a side note, I hope everyone one is getting prepared to have a very merry Christmas this year
with all of your friends and family! Make it a good one!

Lastly! I just got a new Twitter: EthanAlways
So you can follow me at ALL TIMES!!! Not just as an animator/voice actor, but as a friend. Awwwh. cute.

Or! Just follow me here on Newgrounds!!!
God Bless!


Finally on the Front Page!!!

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - December 10th, 2012

Finally figured it out!
Check me out working on my new cartoon right naowwww!!!!

http://new.livestream.com/accounts/1298399/event s/1731914

Also follow me on Twitter: EthanAlways

See you there!!!

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - December 5th, 2012

For Matt Ackerman (FrozenFire) ...jk
I'm getting ready to study abroad in about a month and I'm not going to get to see this
guy for a whole semester. Sad day.

On a side note the Minecraft series that I voiced two characters and did the music for is on the front page right meow.

I love you guys!

I'm gay...not really (Update)

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - November 22nd, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy it with family
and the ones you love. Life is what you make it. It really is. This is my first time home in at
least 6 months, and things have been really different since my parents divorced this
summer, but this is still my home and this is still my family and I've never been happier to be here.

Also, I have an update video out that is somewhat an overview of what I've been up to these last two months. Plus a few little previews including the upcoming YouTube series that I'm voicing in called "MineTales".

I'm also working on a few little flash projects, one about dogs in space and the other being a Megaman parody. I'll have them out when I can. Check it out and send me some love. You guys are awesome. God bless and have a great Turkeyday Newgrounds!!!

Happy Thanksgiving and Update Video

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - November 1st, 2012

So this month has been a busy one. I'm not even going to lie. Between school, work, and wanting to produce content on NG things have been pretty crazy. This month I submitted my frist few animations ever for a few collabs: "The 5 Second" Collaboration and the "Worst Halloween Ever" Collaboration.

I know they aren't the best animations ever but, hey, I guess I can only improve from here. Also the quality on my Halloween submission was greatly lowered to compromise for file size so watch it in high quality Here.

Other than that, I am working on an animation for class that should be done in about 3 weeks, so I'll upload that here when I'm done with that also.

How was everyone's Halloween? I dressed up as Pikachu this year and partied all weekend. On actual Halloween I hung out with Frozenfire for scary movies and pizza. So, I wanna know what you
all did! Comment below and tell me about all the fun you had! I really wanted to trick or treat this year, but being in a college town there aren't many places to go.

I also have an art show tomorrow, so I'm excited about that, I'll post some of the pieces I'll be selling.

That is all. Become a fan, stay updated. I love you....

Happy (post) Halloween: Updates and Magic

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - October 21st, 2012

Not quite the super slumber party that Oney and Stamper had, but still some good ol' fun times.
This weekend Newgrounds game developer and animator FrozenFire and I had a sleep over, choc' full of pizza, drinks and video games. Unfortunately I was the one who fell asleep first (I was so dang tired!!!) so I guess that makes me the lame one.

I finally got my cintiq all set up and ready to go. Oh man, it makes animating SO much easier.
I'm looking forward to putting out some content out soon with it.

Me and the glorious Veselekov will be trying to squeeze out a Halloween
flash at light speed this week because we both wanted to submit something this year for the seasons. I'll keep you posted on that as well! :)

Thanks to all of you that have recently become my fans! Everyone here is amazing and I love y'all like a fat kid loves cake!

Sleepovers and Fun!!! (NG Edition)

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - October 15th, 2012

Gotta click this first!
SO! This weekend was Game Jam. It was my frist experience doing anything like this, but lucky for me Tyler was kind enough to let me on his team. It was super fun to see how everyone worked so so hard to put out a great final product, which you can check out here: Lumberjack VS Treehuggers. REMEMBER! This game was made in only 48 hours, which I am very impressed by my team for all their hard work. Check it out and give us some love.

Also, today is my good friend Frozenfire's birthday! So be sure to send your birthday wishes his way!!!!

For more updates be sure to like my Facebook Page: EthanAlways and follow me here on Newgrounds

G-G-G-Game Jam!!!!! If you don't check this out you're dumb

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - October 3rd, 2012

So as many of you know this past week NG held Movie Jam 2, which was a great success from what I've seen

from other teams. I'd like to congratulate all teams who participated! Every one put out some awesome stuff!

With that said, I'm proud to have participated, myself. Upon approaching the end of the year (almost a year

from when I first joined) I am so glad to have been involved in Movie Jam and had the opportunity to work

with some truly talented people, making my first year one to remember as I look forward to many more.

Team Look How Funky They Are consisted of redminus, Veselekov, and myself: EthanAlways.

And I must say with all being said and done I am incredibly proud of our teams over all product.

If you haven't seen our new creation check it out and send a little love our way! Also Too Scared To Poop!

Be sure to support by following me and my team! ----> FOLLOW!

Look How Funky They Are: New Toon! Movie Jam 2!