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Funimation voice-actor working for free? (limited time only)

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - October 23rd, 2016

Hey guys, it's been a really long time since I've been involved with some Newgrounds projects! Some of y'all recognize my name and some of you might be newer to Newgrounds, but my name is Ethan Gallardo and I'm a professional actor/voice actor. I haven't had a lot of free time to help out with projects lately since I've been spending my recording time at Funimation lately, but since we're just now starting to dub a new season of anime I have a fistful of free-time until things might pick up again.

You can check out my demo reel here.

You can see what past projects I've worked for Newgrounds here.

You can also check out a few credits (this hasn't been updated in quite some time) here, in case you're just curious.

I just have a few rules before taking requests.

1. Have something to show regarding your work/project.

This is big. I will NOT do project that have no WIP (work in progress) status. If it's just an idea in your head with nothing to show, please ask someone else.

2. I might say "No".

As an actor I have every right to turn down a project that I don't feel is right of me. With that being said, it's unlikely I'll be voicing projects with excessive heavy language or pornographic content. It's just not my thing.

3. Send me a message here on Newgrounds.

I usually work for money, but I wanna work on some other things right now. With that being said I WON'T always be working for free and I can't guarantee that I still will be by the time you see this. This is first come, first serve.

Or we can just become best friends...you know, whatever. 



Comments (7)

Is being your best friend free for a limited time? Or is it always paid?

Get me while I'm hot!

Its nice when pro's go offer their services to work with aspiring animators and content creators, especially on this site.

i have nothing im working on but man, thats super cool of you. remembering your roots and all and perhaps giving aspiring animators and such a professional touch via your voice.

Shine on dude.

Would you be interested in doing the voice of a slug? Its one line.

PM me with the info

I had no idea you went pro! First of all, sorry, that shows how up to date I'm not, but second all I think it shows what a cool modest dude you are. Late congrats I suppose! Also yeah, super cool of you to stick around on NG!

Thanks dude! Yeah, I started dubbing at Funimation in April.

Wow man congrats on going professional! I just heard about this now but I've been kind of out of the NG game for awhile. Also I'm glad SOMEBODY has a similar stance as me on the "I won't even bother with projects that have nothing to show" because I've been burned too many times by doing VO work for projects that were never finished. VO is basically the LAST or second-to-last thing you should be getting/doing (mouth movements being the last unless you expect VOs to match lip-syncing). Newgrounds has seemingly fallen apart in that there's not a single worthwhile project on the forums to VO for (people with nothing on their pages, no WIP, no etc) but I know that many animators have their 'go-to' VOs that they know and trust so it's hard to find all these closed door auditions and such, y'know?

Still, congrats man, keep up the great work.

I don't need a voice actor, let's be best friends!