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Post Pico Day thoughts / Getting Laid Off this Week

Posted by GoodBoyEthan - May 11th, 2015

I'm actually going to start with Pico Day. I have tons of pictures to upload, so I'll probably update this post with an album when I finally get around to it. Either way, Pico Day was by far one of the most magical experiences I have ever been a part of. The amount of talent, individuality, and passion that was crammed into that single office space was overwhelming at times, both emotionally and conceptually. There were some Newgrounders there who traveled from half way across the world just to share in that moment with a community that becomes seemingly stronger (to me at least) as time goes on. If that doesn't drive home what kind of an impact a place like Newgrounds has made on someone's life, I don't know what does. I got to hang out with long time friends and first time faces, and felt completely welcomed at all times. When I first joined Newgrounds in 2012, some of the first people I ever became acquainted with were @tyler and @redminus, and here I was, in 2015, standing face to face, without introduction, chatting with them as if hanging out over the weekend was a regular thing. It was no different for those who I met for the first time that weekend either. I unintentionally bumped into @Ukinojoe and @Stamper (not at the same time) and was instantly greeted with hugs and conversation. @jaxxy & @TomaMoto you guys were amazing! I really hope we get to hang out again in the near future! @Sabtastic you're an absolute sweetheart, it was so lovely getting to meet you finally!  @TomFulp is one of the most kind hearted and hospitable man I have ever met, and I can't possibly thank you enough for not only allowing us to spend the weekend with you, but for making all of this possible in the first place. There are so many people I met, and I can't even begin to describe how much of a pleasure it was to shake your hands, hug your bods, and touch your butts. If you're one of those people, know you'll always be an inspiration in my eyes. I can't wait to see you all again next year~ <3

On another note, the week I got back from PicoDay I was informed some projects have been placed on hold, so the company I work for will be experiencing a reduction in force. In turn, I received a 2 weeks notice and this Wednesday is my last. I'm a little anxious about where I'll end up after this, but I can sustain myself for maybe another 2 months before I'm going to find myself in a pretty tough situation. I moved to Dallas at the start of the year and that's about 10 hours away from any immediate family. While I search for a new job, I really want to re-evaluate where I want to go in my career. My previous position was as a Junior QA analyst, and I'm really glad I learned a new skill and can apply that to an ever growing industry, but I would really like to find myself in a more creative position. I'd like to be searching for entry level positions for animation/ production, even though I realize that entry level positions are a dime a dozen in this industry. If I could find consistent (paying) voice work, I'd be dedicating all my time to that in a heartbeat. I really hope I can come up with something soon and I'm even looking into offsite positions since I'm signed to a year lease at my place here in Dallas. I'd really appreciate your best wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts while I try to get through this unfortunate event. 

Thank you Newgrounds!!! I love you all! <3 


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Thanks for coming to Pico Day! It really is cool how people from NG just instantly feel like childhood friends when you meet them. I even have this thing where I consider people friends when I've never actually TALKED to them, I've just observed them / featured their stuff over the years without realizing we never interacted 1:1. I just hope they feel the love too :)

Sorry to hear about the job but hopefully it will be the opening of a door to something cooler! Outside of the lease obligations, how do you like living in Dallas?

I'm actually really enjoying myself here in Dallas. I grew up in a really small town and living in a big city has always been a pleasant idea to me. There are tons of things to do and see here, I'm still trying to figure out where everything is!!!

Was good seeing you there! Sorry you came home to bad news, you weren't the only one... I came home to find my front door open, and half my cat's ear missing! Don't be afraid to walk around with your portfolio and ask for management wherever you go - even doing menu chalkboards, simple graphics and little pick-up jobs can get you noticed for bigger things.

Glad to hear you had a really great time out in Philly - same here! It was so awesome to finally meet you, and I'm sorry we didn't get more 1 on 1 time!

Sorry to hear about the job situation, too. You seem excited and optimistic about the possibilities for the future though...! I know you'll do great given the opportunity to try new things - it'll be nothing but positive in the end if you can overcome this hardship. If things get hairy, you've always got friends here (myself included) that can lend a hand!

Glad you enjoyed Pico Day! We met briefly but it was good to say hi all the same.

Sorry about the bad news. You might be able to talk to your landlord or leasing office about breaking your lease early if you've lost your job - Some leases have a clause where you can get out early in that situation! Moving early might suck but it sure beats getting evicted!

I live in Fort Worth and work in Dallas for a hotel. If times get tough you should drop me a line - I work with a couple of temp agencies that are always looking for guys for banquet housmen/banquet server, or guide you through applying for any open jobs in my company. Hotels are always looking for people and the benefits aren't too shabby (discounts on travel, paid time off, health insurance, dental).

Best of luck on finding a creative job!

Was great finally meeting you, bro &lt;3 You're even cooler and nicer IRL.

Sorry to hear about your job D: Come live on my floor

Saw your comment on @Sequenced's profile about your job. Just wanted to send some sympathy/empathy your way. Hope it wall works out!

Hey man, thanks a lot for reaching out! It's the little things like this that help us get through tough times. If it makes you feel any better, I was able to get in contact with a recruiter in hopes of starting some work in the next few weeks. I have a feeling I'll be just fine :)

I love you Erfan